Our Services

At Afour, we have the experts to translate your requirements in to reality in the real world. It should meet and align with deliverable objectives of your requirement characteristics and perceptions. We ideate and envisage your requirements by depictions in various imaginative and communicative ways. Our team will advise you the appropriate directions which you could adopt with your realities. Our expertises are on the following below

Road Building and Construction- Highways and others

The construction broadly encompasses the issues relevant to the process of road construction and maintenance, including the design, contracting, implementation, supervision, and maintenance of roads and related structures, such as bridges and interchanges. For these purposes of the knowledge base, we undertake public works, private contracting of civil works, and labor-based construction techniques. With respect to the process of maintenance, this includes road maintenance in general, as well as the private contracting of maintenance activities. In addition, issues related to the area of construction and the environment is also included, such as construction and maintenance environmental impacts and mitigation, and construction site safety.

High Standards Bridges

We undertake and execute the new bridges and structures as defined as below:

  • Road traffic bridges
  • Pedestrian bridges and tunnels
  • Rail, pedestrian, cyclist, equestrian and animal underpasses
  • Culverts - comprising concrete box culverts, steel or concrete pipe or arch culverts
  • Structures such as traffic and pedestrian bridge barriers, stairways, cattle grids which are associated with road construction.
  • Landscaping structures such as boardwalks and piers.

Large Dams Projects

We have the competency to build the large damns which will help for irrigations or Hydro power projects. We have expanded construction capabilities to serve the entire spectrum of requirements of the Hydro Power and irrigation projects. We have the accomplishments in this geologically complex area of work include several first-of-its-kind dams, barrages, tunnels, underground power stations and surface power stations, along with water conductor systems like surge shafts, pressure shafts and penstocks.

Governments’ and private Infrastructure projects

Afour is equipped to build public infrastructure projects such as ne telecommunications infrastructures, airport and power plant etc. These are extensive very large projects which are built on PPP model by us with trained man power who are talented and qualified individuals for the several years.

New Industrial and Housing Layout Projects

Our experiences have given us added advantage in building these layouts as per the norms’ and guidelines of Governments Statutory bodies. Here we need understand projects parameters in executions of the peripheral boundaries and sanitary complexities. Our engineers and workers well trained with geographical complexities with respects terrain specific and environmental aspects.

World Class Quality

Stupendous Global Experience with technical expertise for the civil engineering industry with strong commitment for quality and precision.

Reliable and Affordable

We are consistently reliable with trust, expertise, and honesty with reasonable and affordable costing.

Onetime Delivery

Highly emphasized on timely delivery and executions of projects and we honour for value of time factors.

Support Services

Committed team with service excellence for the finished projects around the clock for any emergency measures.